Company Profile

In 1984 Steve Standish began pursuing opportunities with the area’s electric utility. With visions of a great company, Glenna Standish, Steve and his brother Kelly Standish formed a partnership and set out to create an outstanding electrical contracting Service Company that would assist and enhance the workforce for the electrical supplier in the area. With humble beginnings and very limited capital, they began offering their services in distribution service repair and maintenance in the DFW Metroplex.
After several years of hard work and determination, and having demonstrated an unsurpassed work ethic and proven results, Standard Utility was awarded an alliance contract with one of the largest electric suppliers in Texas. With a growing business and a need to better manage the company’s success, they formally named Glenna Standish as President of Standard Utility Construction, Inc., in 1995. Glenna has served as President of one of the largest, privately held electric utility service contractors in the Southwestern United States ever since. Her direct involvement with the organization dates back to the company’s inception in 1984, when she was responsible for securing the initial capital necessary to launch the organization and hours of behind the scenes work and support.
From its beginnings as a small, privately held organization, to our present status as a mid-sized Women-Owned Business with revenues in excess of $30 million dollars, Standard Utility maintains 5 locations in Texas, employs more than 275 employees statewide and continues to grow. Our footprint in Texas continues to grow today through hard work, quality employees, exceptional performance metrics and a firm belief in the company’s Core Values and Vision.