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Over the last 32 years, Standard Utility has been providing high quality electrical construction services at competitive prices throughout Texas. We pride ourselves on being a preferred niche and specialty service electrical contractor. As a privately held women-owned and operated company we seek our customer’s complete satisfaction on every job, every day and every time.
Standard Utility Construction was created in a market that demanded value, quality and flexibility. Standard Utility delivers on all fronts. We will do the job that the customer requires with partnership in mind. Standard Utility has grown by helping customers find ways to save money, to redefine cost effective processes for existing goals and define new processes for goals yet to be established.
Standard Utility is committed to exploring new areas of work where partnerships and alliances can allow all parties involved to mutually benefit. We are committed to serving our existing customers beyond their expectations. That same commitment will be passed on to our new customers as well, large or small.
We believe our customers, large or small, corporations or individuals, are the key to our survival and growth. If we cannot provide the customer with the best service at the best value we will do neither. Standard Utility will do a high quality job, safer, and at a better value.
Standard Utility’s vision is simple…We provide consistent, competitive services that benefit communities and improve quality of life.
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Electric Distribution: Testing and Facility Maintenance